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tv   Headline News  RT  July 12, 2014 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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thank. you i. think. you i think. single israeli strike outside a mosque in gaza kills fifty bringing the total number of posts palestinians killed in the five day offensive now to one hundred fifty. ukrainian army shelling suburbs of the city at the net school of the biggest in the country's east prompting locals now to flee civilian deaths being reported. brits fear for the future of the state health care service saying it trade treaty will see the n.h.s. ripped apart by private american medical.
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care we know in here at headquarters this morning one am here now starting this hour with news of war deaths in the israeli gaza conflict late on saturday night a missile struck just outside a mosque in gaza that killed fifteen people women and children reportedly among the victims this then is the deadliest single assault so far brings the number of palestinians killed in the offensive to one hundred fifty earlier in the day rockets also hit a different mosque and a charity for disabled people israeli military is calling on gaza residents were evacuated as it plans to intensify strikes. i.
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don't know and i said yes and i know what i mean but that i. have a. medical officials in gaza say about three quarters of all palestinians killed there this last week were civilians among them twenty four children israel insists it's only targeting hamas militants and their families and facilities gaza though is a narrow area crammed with almost two million people residential districts are frequently caught up in the firing line with israel readying for a possible ground invasion locals are expecting the worst as harry fear found that . several days since the latest escalation between israel and hamas and the situation in gaza has not eased. israel appears to be caring for more hard hitting campaigns to rein in the mass rocket fire along the israel gaza borders thousands
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were ordered to evacuate a worrying indicator that a ground invasion may be in it unless you're attacked by f. sixteen jets to destroy her home but that was only. when the israelis began demanding people move out of their sea and their children say so we left the area and then on the streets rockets find vigorously from gaza israel struck over one thousand targets many of which i hope this friday morning the air force targeted a building belonging to a family and she cried while locals are adamant that it was just a residential building be all civilian there are no weapons. nothing is. hidden with. in this building as you can see i don't know why the family managed to evacuate before the main missile struck no one was injured but they didn't have time to take their belongings before the house was destroyed
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late thursday night a peculiar strike took place at garches marina a boat owned by the international freedom flotilla coalition which was the sole target garza's are was a humanitarian project designed to export goods from the besieged enclave to the outside world to boost the economy and act as a symbol of palestinian nonviolent resistance in the face of what they see as the israeli occupation of palestinian activists say israel struck the boat to ruin their work but it's unclear if militants were at the marina that night in what's normally a relatively safe area of gaza more than eight hundred gazans have been injured and the health care system is struggling to keep well. for medics to treat the injured as it is gradually increasing before doctors are provided with medicine it will soon be tougher to provide such services border
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crossings closing in and intensifying and the israeli escalation in gaza. as this war goes on it's the palestinian civilian population that is paying the greatest price the bodies continue to arrive at gaza's hospitals israel says it's got hundreds of strikes after exactly it feels very much like this is not the end of the latest israel gaza war. r.t. . the latest response from the un security council is that it's called for a cease fire in the escalating gaza conflict a statement demanding a restoration of carmen direct talks between israel and palestine was indeed approved by all fifteen members of the un's most powerful body is reaction from the un human rights chief is well she's deeply worried she says by israel's attacks on gaza and this raising the question about the. galaxy two i commissioned navi pillay said civilian casualties are raising concerns of israel violating international law the guys are offensives also truck triggered public outrage around the world as
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well as take a look at some of these pictures first it's going to washington there are a crowd converged on the israeli embassy demanding an end to the soul calling israeli leaders terrorists cairo next police they're used to gas to disperse cigars a solidarity protest on friday for its part egypt's foreign ministry condemned the israeli airstrikes but many egyptians say they don't think that statement went far enough around one hundred demonstrators to gather in paris denouncing the cause of offense and demanding an end to what. might come up the side of the. university believes israel is capable of hitting militant targets without putting civilians under direct threat. because it is a very small territory and it is very much packed with one point eight million palestinians but even in spite of that if this rain is wanted to hit him in a turn toward those who are responsible for the loss of rockets against israeli towns and villages they are able to basically do that without their injuring
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palestinian civilians in there doing this to populated areas now is where it is clearly out of the houses which are in here are targeted by the israeli bombardment they belong to i must really go into this the yard militant but give warning i also look down the sounds is without warning which means which was also in civilian death thousand million casualties. all the mounting international pressure to end the violence those have a little impact on the ground israeli leaders are voted to continue the gaza are offensive in a mass isn't backing down either as it continues shelling israeli territory and another development to tell you just came in just about an hour ago two missiles coming in from the lebanese side of the border landed in the north of israel prompting it to fire back in response middle east correspondent paula slee has more now from tel aviv. the situation here in israel is extremely tense barrages of
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rockets continue to be fined at the country from gaza there was one incident when a gas station in the city of ashdod was hit and one person has been seriously injured in fact that is the most serious incident so far ninety percent of the rockets that are coming from gaza are intercepted by the i am dome and two missile defense system on friday night three missiles were intercepted over the skies of tel aviv and i was at an open field when this happened and it's almost surreal people rushed out of it cause it is almost a few seconds before they can get to the ground or hide behind some kind of building many people just watching this interception in the sky and when it happened there was this huge applause that went up from people on the street where i was but certainly people are afraid what we're hearing from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is that he will not back down and he will certainly not back down to international pressure he says and i'm quoting that the battle is progressing as planned so there is the sense on the ground that this could ultimately lead to a ground offensive as you well know thousands of reserve soldiers have been called up the head of the israeli army is also saying that gazans made
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a grave mistake by launching rockets at israel and that they will bring disaster upon themselves so certainly the rhetoric that's coming out at the moment does seem to suggest that this operation will continue and possibly continue for quite some time as six hours paula saying remember you can keep across what paula's merging to find out is row by following her regular updates on twitter. to be an hour was on my. focusing on ukraine our latest residential areas on the outskirts of donetsk and come under artillery fire for the third time in less than a day with residents now evacuating the eastern city locals say civilians have been killed the way. you should be did the study of the wolf i'm sure. that's for sure of. the local saying six they thought but i'm to go
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fighters put the civilian death toll much higher thirty this is to most of these pictures you're seeing here a snapshot of what life was like for people so living there let's get more the bigger picture from rif an ocean in eastern ukraine. president fighting happened in the outskirts of the city of donetsk one of the biggest cities here in eastern ukraine with a population of one million people we know that multiple rocket launcher known as the hay was used followed by. the pictures we received from the ground show dramatic device station and we can clearly see that a residential area was targeted and we're also hearing reports that local often and chilled to a role so heat and many already compare these scenes with the city of slovyansk the key target of ukrainian army full months of what kate calls its end to terror gratian the town almost leveled just a week before it was surrendered of course to major concern is that it's happening
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next to a very very big city and the fears are that the violence could spread further that we were clashes along the russian ukrainian border also continually russia's foreign ministry post about one incident in which russia's checkpoint was targeted and the record charts that it came under fire coming from both ukrainian and russian side and those responsible for the firing from the russian side came from ukraine and the report says that the rod proves for that. was out of the blue the people remarked unexpectedly it was a little of my own up a troll. or. judging by the damage to the car firearms were used and it's obvious they were used on purpose the investigation is ongoing. meanwhile we hear it from the operation commanders in kiev that on friday they managed to kill around one thousand and two government fighters although they don't provide
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any information any details about when life happened we hear from the operation commanders in key if they don't cry they managed to kill a wrong one thousand and two government forces although they didn't provide any information any further detail on when people how it happened and we heard from the british presence for the british that quotation for every ukrainian soldier the militants will pay with scores and hundreds off the road this information there was not confirmed by the end to government forces themselves they say they lost a dozen of them cohesive conflicting reports but there is one thing that both sides agree on but casualties among civilians in a very high and it continues and while the death toll from all sides and anger is the rising here in eastern ukraine it's clear that help faded away the dollars that many of those who are not directly involved in this crisis are calling for now could happen any time soon. publicly funded health service responding
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called open by american health care giants according to protesters in london who are anxious about a plan trade deal between the e.u. and the united states the march told me office in the british capital probably boy who was there. this protest is all about what could end up being the biggest trade pact in history the u.s. and the e.u. are negotiating over the potential creation of a massive free trade area now washington and brussels say it's all about the creation of more choices based on the economy and making more dollars more you're as opposed to me was wrong as you can hear by the slogans and the banners that deal has more than its fair share of voting and here in britain there's a particular concern over the future of the national health service the universal medical care system that is being sleep guarded by a lot of people here in the u.k.
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now the coalition government is part of a shake up of the n.h.s. that's already contracted out an increasing number of services to private profit making companies and the worry is that this deal would allow u.s. companies to come into the n.h.s. i'm privatized parts of it irreversibly said the protesters here are demanding that the national health service the british national health service is kept out of the potential us e.u. trade agreement entirely now of course these talks are being held in secret that worries protesters as well they simply don't know what's being discussed but the main e.u. negotiator has assured that the future of the n.h.s. will be fully safeguarded. or supporters of the peer group say will benefit europe by creating new jobs generating a hundred billion euros a year there is potentially affected by the treaty include the environment best move health care education and labor but critics of the fence of the deal will open
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the doors to such things as fracking and genetically modified food and lead to corporate takeover and even declining wages the group is also causing concern in europe powerhouse germany to peter all over spoke with civil rights campaigner michael airflow about the possible threats posed to thought by the treaty. what are the major concerns for germans about the tea tape negotiations. in germany there are a lot of citizens who are worrying that european standards will sink we're talking about consumer protection and environmental protection those standards are lower in the u.s. there are also worries that international investors and corporations will receive special legal treatment that will lead to the abolition of some environmental and social protection laws. in the last two weeks we have seen the relationship be somewhat strained with regards to spying but do you think that would have any kind of impact on the negotiations for the trade deal or is this pretty much already
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a done deal chimney all set to sign that part of it is going to cause i don't believe it will have a significant effect on talks it's going to take until the end of two thousand and fifteen when negotiations should be completed this current affair will be forgotten quickly and i think negotiations will continue as if it didn't happen thank you very much it does seem that despite germany taking the unprecedented action of expelling that cia operative and seemingly standing up to the united states when it comes to trade they are going to sign this deal despite the concerns of some of the citizens here in germany. well stories all the way including putin's make a trip to latin america on the way in just a few minutes we report on the president. taking his capital. also to throw himself a pretty bad press thanks to the military use now this ability and use of potential use is also causing concern. right up to.
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the. economic down in the final. days the deal and the rest of the. take it will be if we. speak your language. news programs and documentaries and spanish matters to you. a little tune to bangalore's story. here. the spanish find out more visit.
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history is never really dead as long as it's with us the start of the first world war one hundred years ago is a case in point in numerous ways the beginning and conclusion of that conflict shapes our world today. but in my potent argentinean president could have been speaking to the media a few hours ago the russian leaders in one is ours as part of his week long tour of latin america for scots following that is it. well on routes to the world cup final hay in rio the russian president vladimir putin has still in argentina where he had a meeting with the country's president cristina fernandez de and they discussed the strengthening of political and economic ties as well assigning a number of agreements such as legal treaties including the exchange of prisoners
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there was also an agreement for peaceful nuclear cooperation. and also says that our taiji will soon stop broadcasting on argentinian t.v. in spanish. the agreement will expand the cooperation between russian and argentinian t.v. channels we're grateful for the opportunity for russia's r.t. spanish channel to broadcast in argentina everybody here will be able to really access the network for the first time. while the president also went on to say that russia hoping to build their own global positioning satellites and they're expecting argentinian and hoping for argentinian help on the project so let's give you a bit more information about counterparts about argentina itself. cristina fernandez the cut is the first elected female president in argentina the keyword there was elected because isabella martin is the problem was president for two
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years in the one nine hundred seventy s. on this latin american told and also stopped off in cuba that's where he had a symbolic meeting with former leader fidel castro an influential figure who helped castro to power shake of all born in argentina with relations between the usa and russia out there was since the end of the cold war it seems that the two nations i don't sing to a different tune at the moment argentina is the heart of it and argentina are of course in sunday's world cup final. against germany in the sport as a religion for fans in latin america but argentina's national sport isn't football it's a sport known as part of a mix of cross people. so i arrive in rio within the next twenty four hours or so ahead of the world cup final trip across latin america is going to be dominated by gangs sporting ones and political ones. well one of the major stops on latin american to two will be the bric somebody unfolds and there's
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a brazil talking the political side of it the creation of a new financial institution which is supposed to challenge existing and therefore be the central focus of the gathering and discuss the prospects for the brics screw further with that we'll have doris political analyst at the international action center. so many order reason economic life in the world since the end of world war two and especially since the end of the cold war have been controlled by a handful of wall street banks either directly or indirectly for regency like the international monetary fund and world bank and they have used their power their power to force privatization shut down of industry all kinds of aggressive. programs on countries around the world and to be a wonderful thing of the very good thing for humanity if the brics countries whatever their differences are among them are able to create some kind of alternative well if they're also talking to about maybe creating a new internet to help data theft to keep data safe from foreign prying eyes
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whether this tell us about these countries desire to go it alone in more and more areas where i think that what the united states has been doing is for a spying on its own so-called allies in germany. shows very much the need for this i think that would also be a very welcome alternative. anything that can it can weaken the. monopoly power exercised by u.s. corporations in the u.s. military industrial complex in the world i think is a good thing for people. on a lighter note home delivery could be on the brink of a revolution getting a pizza's your books or maybe the latest gadget from a career on a scooter could soon be a thing of the past and probably it's on its way with a few caveats the world's biggest web retailer amazon has been trying them out and now wants the government permission to further test its drone technology in seattle it please one day drone deliveries will be as normal as trucks on the road today
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and some pioneers have already taken the bull by the horns one patzer outlet in the russian started flying food to its customers there it goes nice way to deliver a margarita quite whether it arrives in one piece it seems to have is another debate entirely private drones may be on the put some leaders aren't so sure another example is germany's chancellor merkel might not like being snooped on she did seem to me to call the big buzz during an election rally last year a bit of a smile and a face all about this video is good for photographers daring aerial tour of the kremlin raise few concerns more sco these things get everywhere but one of the big issues operating drugs near planes near airports is the issue they've already been cases where they've narrowly avoided collisions with planes we asked anti drones campaign it can a what else is wrong with using drones full civilian purposes. one reason is the very high accident rate of this new technology another reason is
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that technology is rapidly advancing is evolving very quickly in developments in commercial drone technology feed into military drone technology third reason it's also probably bad for working people it's a form of automation but displaces jobs for three reasons is that with many drones in the skies it's going to be very difficult to identify them not to mention the whole issue of privacy we already have a government with the n.s.a. poking into our business we don't need more surveillance in this country. we'll be keeping tabs on that story more world news now a gas explosion to tell you about in istanbul that's killed sadly at least one person injured eight others it's a mess there the blast from the ground for the packaging workshop emergency crews searching for more bodies to think of trapped under the rubble is the second
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explosion to get as many days. in truth the nurses have marched on the headquarters of the state health care service the demonstrations took place almost a month into a nationwide strike over wages and working conditions the state health service says the walkout is a legal it has been firing medical staff would take the nurses carried fake coffins to symbolize what they say is managers efforts to kill democracy. big buildup to the weekend we go to brazil now rio reading itself for the world cup final costing jurgen argentina that means deploying a security contingent of some twenty five thousand officers and all sorts of police the tens of thousands of fans have descended on the city especially for sunday's match enjoy that you can watch it talking of enjoying programs on the telly you'll stay for us for the next one too coming up after the break you're not international abbie's here at the mouth in challenging more the mainstream agenda the maids
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edition of breaking the sex make every night good night. from time to time i get emotional e-mails and broken english from quote nationalists of various sort who support the current government in kiev and it makes me wonder if young people today even know what the word nationalist means for example just last week a bill was passed in ukraine that will open up forty nine percent of the country's gas pipelines and storage facilities to european and american companies let's also not forget that joe biden son was put on the board of ukraine's largest gas producer we should also remember all the way back to the first days of the coup against general covert what did the nationalists do first sign up big time for
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loans wow putting your country into massive debt with foreign entities now that's a nationalist. nick and would you think ukrainian nationalists would put ukrainians into power all over the regions of ukraine well think again because money sure trumps ethnicity what it comes to the two thousand and fourteen governors lined up and most importantly of all how can nationalists want to join the e.u. which is lefty liberal paradise where picture out of movements are the black sheep of the continent so my dear detractors who write me letters just what sort of nationalist revolution are you so proud of i'm sorry but i'm not seeing your triumph but that's just my opinion. this is what we do we kill people and break things. we can see something as simple as people playing soccer game you can see individual players and you can see if.
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you can only see his facial expressions you can see he is now open crying. maybe he cursed us or maybe he asked. for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured. that's out and folks i'm having martin and this is breaking the set so between speaker of the house john boehner so you know obama over obamacare and it is the i am hearing on the i.r.s. scandal to say that congress is getting nothing done would be a severe understatement but yesterday the senate actually managed to take a big step forward on one of the most important reasons why our current
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representative system is so toxic and corrupt. campaign finance seen a ten to eight vote the senate judiciary committee voted to approve a constitutional amendment that would overturn a notorious two thousand and ten supreme court's citizens united decision of course this ruling solidified the notion of corporate personhood and equated money with free speech by allowing companies to give unlimited amounts of cash to political action committees or super pacs which then lobby on behalf of individual candidates now realistically this move is purely symbolic considering that a constitutional amendment requires a two thirds majority vote in both the house and the senate but the fact that ten of the most powerful members of the senate will be willing to vote against their own interests for once as encouraging chairman of the senate judiciary committee patrick leahy even went as far as saying quote i've always believe that amending our constitution must be subject to the highest measure of scrutiny it is something that should only be done as a last resort.